Sexuality Language Stays

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@ Ello

Then take a stand against sexual immorality. Against rape, against child abuse, against adultery (which is a Commandment). But not agaist two consenting adults in a mutually loving, exclusive relationship committed to mutual support and responsibility - because that is not immoral.

Daniel more than 9 years ago

No Common Ground

Anyone supporting LGBT equality now faces a choice - break from the United Methodist Church or continue to support intransigent institutionalized injustice. Most Methodists stand by the doctrine that condemns homosexuality as inherently incompatible with Christian faith. If that is how they feel, let them. Forgive them, but leave. There is no longer any hope that they are willing to listen or open to change.

Daniel more than 9 years ago

What Bible are you reading Ello?

What about the drunkards, or the greedy? You left that part out. What about 1 Corinthians 11:5-6, 13-15, Are we women sinners if we don't wear a veil or keep our hair long to be able to communicate with God? People seem to pick and choose which parts of scripture to use to make their unloving comments. Yes, Read it. All of it... I have read in the Bible that Jesus said we are to love one another and not judge. Amen

Pastor Pam Deeds more than 9 years ago

What bible are they reading?

1 Corinthians 5:9-11 Read it !!! To allow sexual immorality is not only sin for those who practice it but also for those leaders that do not stand against it which makes them heritics.

Ello more than 9 years ago