Bishops Cancel May 8 General Conference



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Bishops cancel May 8

Bishops - How about using the next month to vigorously discuss border issues such as the escalation of the drug cartel problem and a horrifying increase in child trafficking? I live near the Texas border and am very aware of the severity of these problems. Does the UMC leadership think that if they ignore these problems, they will go away? WRONG! My own Bishop will not even respond to my emails about the horrendous border crisis. At least my DS and local pastor have responded to my concerns! Our Conference website had numerous articles about immigration/border issues during the past administration. But now that there is a new sheriff in town (democrat admin), the Conference website is devoid of any mention of the border crisis. Talk about hypocrisy! At least my church has had an active Mexico mission outreach for years and we have ramped up our service efforts. Shame on you,UMC Bishops, for your lack of response. Couldn't you at least send a letter of concern to the new administration???? The non-denominational churches in my small town have recognized the severity of the border crisis and are stepping up their letter writing to politicians and are providing food and clothing to local missions in Mexico and border towns. But UMC leadership ---What have YOU done or will be doing????

CJ more than 1 year ago

I Don't Care

I don't care but many pew peasants like me who do care on this multi-sided ball of string are gonna be very distrusting of the whole process.

I wouldn't be surprised that the on May 1 the WCA formed the GMC. May Day is the day when the workers rise up. Maybe be in this case rise up and leave.

Richard Hicks more than 1 year ago


"Mayday" is also an internationally recognized call of serious emergency. For me personally, I am at the point of saying; 'Just go and put the rest of us out of your misery'. The focus on "THINGS": viz. buildings and property, and the "distrust of the whole process" virtually assures a life-time of unhappiness for those who perceive that everything in life is negative. I'm feeling Illness and Fatigue(i.e. I'm Sick and Tired) seeing how we continue to choose how we show God's Unconditional Love. To me, it seems quite clear when I read: "Love is patient, kind and does not demand it's own way".

wil meiklejohn more than 1 year ago