Mainstream UMC Summarizes Recent Survey on New Methodism



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Let us not discriminate again

Why is the UMC discriminating again? Did we not learn by history? We once discriminated against our friends and family with darker skin, and finally "saw the light." I hope that we will see the light, again, and accept in full inclusion our LBGTQAI friends and family. Maybe we should no longer be the UMC, but revert back to the Methodist Church, as our friends and family in the Philippines and Africa are too new to the Bible to be able to read it in context and time that it was written. Most of us, here in the US, with the exception of pockets in the south, know that new information requires us to view the Bible in the light of this new information.

Carla Skidmore more than 2 years ago

Leave Methodists aren't looking to compromise.

If they leave, then they want full, mandatory inclusion. I think that's reasonable from their perspective if they choose to leave. You aren't making that decision and taking half a loaf.

It's not conservatives that are being criticized, it's "centrists" and "moderates" who are waffling on leaving.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago