Survey Results 4 of 4: Concerns About a Split



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useful survey

this survey was useful and i am glad as many traditionalists such as myself took it. The raw data shows there are really two sides and no center. It is either gay weddings/ordination is allowed or not. There are deeper issues at the root cause but we are split into two sides and there is no center position. Mainstream's analysis has a major flaw. They constantly use the 2020 delegate split as a measure of the conservative/progressive ratio in this country. this is not accorate and it is a proven fact that almost half of the laity are traditionalists. Do not expect votes at AC's to go the same as GC delegate votes. The vast majority of local pastors did not vote for GC delegates. With their votes allowed on any AC resolutions the clergy tide may well shift conservative. The move to make the us a central conference is a non starter. It requires a constitutional amendment and has been tried and failed before. Do you really think the Africans will support it. Mainstream is grasping at straws trying to keep US control os the umc in the us and not allow the us to be a minority part of a global denomination. I suggest they work towards amicable separation. They can have the umc name which is now poisioned anyways and the general agencies, most of which should be closed as useless and offensive to traditional christianity. Traditionalists would be better off starting from a clean slate.

Scott more than 1 year ago


It still is unclear to me how Christian marriage could be defined differently between regions in the umc, and how something could be considered a sin in one region in the umc and not in another. Certainly, god's laws and truths do not vary by geography. To ask people to buy into that idea is an insult to the faith.

td more than 1 year ago