Nine New England Congregations Begin Process to Leave UMC



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Process to leave

Why have 8 months of discussion on something they already decided? What happens about 8 months from now? GC 2020. And if GC 2019 is overturned they will have ten minutes of discernment and decide to stay.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

blast from the past

"...(W)e pursue an intersectional and anti-colonial framework to social justice and the dismantling of white supremacy, cisgender-heteronormativity, and patriarchy. We declare that there can be no compromising of full inclusion in any way.”
As a commenter of fullsome years with some early radical leanings (now gratefully in the rear view mirror), I am impressed that the dreary language and syntax of late '60's, early '70's revolutionary blather is still finding places to bloom. The impossible point to impress on the overly-sincere and over-amped grabbing territory within the current debate over shekels and dirt, is that if you want to accelerate the emptying of pews, keep ratcheting up the stridency of language and rhetoric. Church is voluntary. Make participation difficult by layering on gratuitous levels of social commentary and faux revolutionary pronunciamentos and you torpedo any foreseeable recovery from the current unpleasantness.

Robert W Ives more than 1 year ago

In Poker, This Is Called a "Bluff"

In children's play, it is called "my way or I'll take my ball and go home." These nine congregations' reps "have been meeting almost weekly since April 2019" and have, after six months, only finally decided to go into "discernment". What's the hurry? You're gonna go or not go, and its about the dough and that's so. Who is paying for all the travel expenses and meals? This is laughable!

Reese more than 1 year ago

Devil is in the details

Their AC was in June - where "New England Annual Conference Resolution 19-211" was voted (and passed).

Then they had discussions.

And now, based on that resolution and their discussions, they are officially entering the 8 month period of discernment.


JR more than 1 year ago


They do not believe in orthodox Christianity, so they should leave.

RJ more than 1 year ago