GC2020 Delegate Elections Heating Up



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Surprised if this would be a different slate than 2016.

I'm curious if the clergy delegates are moderates or progressives. Outside of progressive conferences, I would think the progressive clergy always vote with the moderates. I feel like the definition of moderate is also very loosely defined. Is the moderate clergy advocating for affirmation and liberation for LGBT members? Seems like that would be a bad idea. For moderate clergy to get elected that have to keep the progressives happy or somebody else goes to General Conference, gets promotions, etc.

If it is moderate clergy, then I think this would very well be a pretty typical election in a conservative conference.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago


Events have shown that there are no moderates. The so called moderates are actually progressives who don't have the guts to admit it. These clergy call themselves moderates probably because they are pastors of traditional churches.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

Our Great Divide

The fact that all but one of the clergy delegates in a conservative Texas AC are from the progressive list of candidates and all of the laity delegates are from the traditional list shows how great the divide in our denomination is. We will keep assigning liberal pastors to conservative churches and the laity will continue to leave for either other denominations or become "dones". My church is the perfect example. 17 years ago average attendance was over 150 in worship. Three liberal pastors later I took over as a part time local with an average attendance of around 60. This was not due to community factors, it was due to controversy over what the pastors were teaching. This will become more common in the denomination and unless the battles soon end and the denomination separates, then we will soon be like all the other progressive denominations that have embraced the gay agenda: dying. We as pastors may congratulate ourselves on our progressive theologies and stances but the laity hate it and will vote with their feet. Unfortunately they pay our salaries and support our poorly funded pension plans.

Scott more than 2 years ago


I guess holy conferencing is dead now. We have caucuses and slates of candidates and all the politicking that goes with that. Good to know as I get ready to attend annual conference.

Kevin Ritter more than 2 years ago

nothing new

this is something new for you? My conference is 99% Wesley TS alum. MFSA and BWarm have "causused" for 25 years to block conservatives with a token moderate elected on occasion.

Steve Card more than 2 years ago