The LMX, Where are We Now?



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I am not in favor of any schism, not a left-leaning one or a right-leaning one. I am in favor of building the largest, most diverse tent that we can build together. There is room for all people. The issue with the Church historically has been that we have refused to follow Jesus in seeking to be one and instead we have continually found ways to break off into smaller and smaller ineffective bodies. At some point we have to choose to do something different...actually stay together. I know, I know crazy idea...but we can change history and work out differences so that everyone can stay in the same tent together. C'mon folks the Jesus' teachings still work.

Eric 153 days ago

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Amen! Details? How could we do it??

Sherry Files 152 days ago


The Big Tent concept is not biblical. From the early church onward the Church has had to determine what points are nonnegotiable. The Big Tent thing some a lot like the One Church Plan of 2019 GC that was solidly defeated by the Global Church. Obliviously we can not agree or stay together. L

Brent Byerman 149 days ago