WCA Conferences Withhold Global Apportionments



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A Réponse from Walter Fenton


Chris Ritter more than 2 years ago


Thank you for your reply and the link. Most helpful in evaluating the above article by Holland.

bea more than 2 years ago

How about holland's own ac?

There are church's in holland's own ac who have been encouraged to withhold their apportionments after gc 2019 to protest the decisions made- and many have done so. Mine included. Ia this okay? Or is only traditional churches associated with the wca that are guilty?

This church is a joke. If you have the money to pay your apportiionments, you should.

td more than 2 years ago

More virtue signalling...

I think Mark's comments reveal that many of us (perhaps myself included) are simply justifying our own perspectives by criticizing the moral integrity and motives of those with whom we disagree. There is a lot of hurt and anger on both sides of this issue, and it's very tempting to simply dismiss the perspectives of others. It's a shame that this website seems intent on being a leader of this kind of unhelpful rhetoric. The differences between the "sides" run far deeper than sexuality. It's time to recognize that and find a way to go our own way. I know that the details of such a separation will be difficult to arrange, but such is vastly better than continuing to live in the same house and just keep throwing mud at one another.

Mike more than 2 years ago

Could someone please help me...

I hope you'll forgive my ignorance, but I'd really like to be able to understand this. The author says, "Northwest Texas is the lowest payout conference in the entire United States, paying only 55% in 2018, a further 9% drop from the already abysmal previous three years", and "This conference (Texas Annual) has reduced its payout every year from 94% in 2015, to 87% in 2016, to 72% in 2017, to 67% in 2018. But considering the wealth of the conference, last year alone they withheld a mind-blowing $2.4 million from the global church". Does that mean these conferences have been paying their full amounts for other funds, but withholding payments (apportionments?) to support the global church? In other words, targeting the global church for withholding of funds? Or does it mean their total apportionments/payments have been generally diminishing over these periods and the amount of their reduced payments attributable to the global church have simply been proportionately reduced? Thanks for any enlightenment you can provide.

James more than 2 years ago

General church.

These numbers reflect the total apportionment due from annual conferences to the general church (everything above the annual conferences).

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

Stay Tuned: The Worst Is Yet To Come

The Traditional Plan was an irrelevant attempt to put toothpaste back in the tube. It is far too late to enforce rules which have been so ignored for decades. It is far to late to expect liberal seminaries to discard their zeal in sending forth new liberal and homosexual clergy bent on cultural revolution in the Methodist Church.
Sadly, while we Americans have many alternatives in joining others in worship, and most of us need no financial assistance from abroad to have a church, the Africans are soon to be finding many, if not most, revenue sources bare. The upheaval reported in a majority of um-insight articles will drive more people away. 2019 and 2020 numbers will be shocking.
There are times when we must watch a loved one suffer with some illness over many years, so when the end finally comes, we feel relief that the suffering is over. That is where I am with my old church...

Reese more than 2 years ago

Size of Conference/Jurisdictions

It seems like the jurisdictions/size of annual conference explain the shortfalls better than support for the traditional plan. The SE and SC jurisdiction just pay at a lower percentage than the W, NE, and NC. As bishops are shared within jurisdictions, I would imagine this plays a role as well.

Of the 26 conferences with the largest apportionments, 6 paid in full (Indiana, North Carolina, Illinois Great Rivers and Baltimore-Washington, Susquehanna, East Ohio). 20 of the smallest 31 conferences paid in full. The small conferences that didn't pay had some big misses which may be financial struggles.

Now assuming there is a disagreement about the apportionment formula, then I think you can see that Texas, NW Texas, N. Alabama and New Mexico are likely pretty unsatisfied about a whole bunch of stuff. But the rest of the SW/SE jurisdiction seem to just be expressing their dissatisfaction with the apportionment formula. Now, they may also be unhappy about a lot of other stuff, but haven't expressed that through their apportionment.

Surely, Mark Holland understand this dynamic within the church.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago


All Mark Holland wants to do is score points. I don't know what the point is at this point.

Bruce Davis more than 2 years ago

I am guilty

I have quit financially supporting the UMC denomination, not because I have any beef with my funds going to support the Central Conferences or UMCOR, but because I felt like a hypocrite financially supporting American Bishops who thumb their noses at our Church law and rogue General agencies (e.g. Church and Society) which consistently advocate for political positions with which I don’t agree. The funds I formerly gave to the denomination are now given to an endowment that supports my individual congregation. I can no longer in good conscience support a “connection” which in reality is no connection at all. So rather than point fingers (let him who is without sin cast the first stone), let’s use time between now and GC 2020 to engage in fruitful discussion on how to amicably separate, rather than trying to “save” a bloated institution that is clearly terminal.

John more than 2 years ago

clarity on the scam

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to discern what Rob Renfroe, Tom Lambrecht, Keith Boyette, and Bishop Scott Jones are up to. They're pulling "a major publicity stunt."

Waye more than 2 years ago

and the other scam

Last I checked, the WCA is not organized by conferences and has elected no bishops. But there's a tremendous scam in Mark Holland's misrepresentation of the facts. Would he paint the Mountain Sky Conference as "breakaway" because its pamphlet "The Future of the Mountain Sky Conference" states a goal of "97 percent of the 378 conference churches, and the clergy who serve them, covenant together to create a new connection"? Seems like Holland's pulling "a major publicity stunt."

John more than 2 years ago

I can't help but wonder...

If the reality is that these conferences did not intentionally withhold apportionments but they are experiencing decreased giving. Is there any clarification on this? And once again, given the accusatory tone of this article, wouldn't time and energy be better spent trying to resolve the impasse rather than keeping up this incessant finger pointing that results in three fingers pointing back to the person doing the pointing?

betsy more than 2 years ago

I agree

Betsy you are right, giving is down in the traditional churches. Many of my members feel the money is wasted or supports things that run contrary to Christian belief. Much of the GC budget goes to support the agencies that we have so many disagreements with. They are run by progressives and my people do not want to fund them. We pay Africa University first and then the different college funds second. The more and longer the fight goes on, the less the church receives, but the trustee funds are doing great! The issues must be solved and passage of the OCP or simple plan will kill my church as will the current environment of constant struggle. Either a split or a plan that allows churches to go out on their own without spending a fortune on fees is all that will save my church.

Scott more than 2 years ago

Hi Scott

I hear what you are saying.

"The issues must be solved and passage of the OCP or simple plan will kill my church as will the current environment of constant struggle."

The churches that I see struggling are the traditionalist ones, because I live in a more progressive area. Even my former church is in turmoil (being a moderate one) as there's been a steady exodus - the center cannot hold. The Traditionalist Plan is killing churches as certainly as you believe the OCP would.

On the other hand, up until the aftershock of GC2019, I've never heard a single complaint about where GC budget is going within the church. Not one. Ever. It was rarely discussed, and when it was it was always to highlight important needs - schools and wells in Africa, ministries to Central America, disaster relief to Appalachia or Haiti or whatnot.

So when you say "They are run by progressives and my people do not want to fund them." - who is talking about those agencies within the church, and why? I get that in any large organization, there are budget items that people might disagree with - I have those with the US Government, as probably most people do in one way or another - but I find the focus on the items within the UMC to be curious.

JR more than 2 years ago

Do you have a UMW chapter at your church?

When I was a kid we did. Disbanded long ago. The much more liberal church that I'm at now doesn't even have one. Progressives run the general church.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago


There is no longer anything called the Traditional Plan. A good portion of the legislation contained in it was passed by the special General Conference. It is now a part of the Discipline, effective Jan. 1, 2020. Support it, oppose it, but call it what it is--the Discipline of the United Methodist Church.

John more than 2 years ago