Episcopalians, United Methodists Seek Feedback on Full Communion



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Hope it happens in my lifetime

The work of full communion has been steady and thoughtful. It doesn't appear at its heart to be a "save the denominations" work, but more an "enhance the denominations" effort. What's to complain about? Oh, yes - change.

ALLIE LAKEY more than 4 years ago

There are significant theological differences

While the 'Piskies are full speed ahead with any type of sexuality, any time, with anyone, I don't think they're down with Communion of the unbaptized like the UMC is and they do not subscribe, at least historically, to the UMC concept of being sanctified through good works and aiming for earthly perfection. These concepts are more akin to the Roman Catholic church than other churches of the Reformation

Dan more than 4 years ago

Hello? Episcopal church is dying. bleeding bucks&members

Google something like "demise of the Episcopal church". "How to kill a church". Since the cancer of liberalism metastasized in the Episcopal church, they have closed hundreds of churches, spent $18 million in legal fees to hang on to properties which mostly stand vacant. And this group of Methodists explores a new partnership? That's like drinkin' bourbon to cure alcoholism! Like Kevin, I left the Episcopal church and I have now left the UMC and took my pledge with me. The Episcopal church is a lesson to be learned, not a partner to be pursued.

Reese more than 4 years ago

Full Communion with Episcopalians

Alas, my brothers, you are so filled with judgement and perfectionism as to miss the gifts of others who differ. John Wesley lived and died an Anglican. Our Episcopal roots are a gift. Unless we rediscover a more humble and irenic spirit, our future will be to splinter into splintering splinters. I thank God for the witness we can and do share with our Episcopal brothers and sisters. As Jesus prays in John 17-- may we be one in love and respect.

Philip Amerson more than 4 years ago

Such conventional wisdom is alway wrong

Right-wing churches for decades have gloated about the supposed death of the Mainline churches, only to find their own ranks being decimated by dying members not being replaced, and their grandchildren and great-grandchildren wanting nothing to do with the hatred they espouse. Better to throw in with those who follow Jesus' radical hospitality than those who seek to make "The Handmaid's Tale" a reality show.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago

Full Communion

I left the Episcopal church for a reason. This full communion discussion serves no purpose. We are having trouble remaining in communion with each other. We need to resolve our internal problems first.

Kevin more than 4 years ago

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