Robert Hunt: My Hope for Methodism



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..." cross-cultural and dialogical in nature" ? Seriously?

Golly, so many big fancy words and hyphenated concepts in global gobble-de-goop! (“intentionally cross-cultural and dialogical”? Whew!) Your epistle is a better sleep-aid than any economic text I kept by my bed in college. But, I think it brought me some new understanding of why we, the UMC, is coming apart at the seams.
Now, I didn’t actually grow up “in the country”, but my father and mother did. So, our small town home had country ways and country beliefs. Methodist Church on Sundays tracked as certain as the fried chicken that came afterwards. Those Sunday nights when we headed back to church for a covered dish dinner were about as special as holding hands with a certain girl at MYF. And, on Scout Sunday, I got to wear my uniform with my fellow Boy Scouts as we were honored up front. Most of the music was moving and the Methodist preachers usually had a good message of love and hope and rules to live by – but, they understood the importance of brevity near lunch.
Most of the writings, and many of the sermons now are politically charged, guilt assigning or culture criticisms of who I was brought up to be. Foundations of right and wrong then are now condemned as “hate”. I don’t hate. I don’t eat raw fish. I don’t listen to rap music. I don’t hate those who enjoy those things, but I avoid associations in those places. Personal preference is not hate.
Nor do I feel that my personal relationship with Jesus needs to be redefined against other cultures or other lifestyles. I gladly share what I can with those who have less, but I see no need to alter my life or beliefs to accommodate theirs. I guess I’m just not a very modern or “global” guy.
Your long epistle, with many big words and globally convoluted concepts, drove that home. One of the best things about America is that there are lots of different churches…
P.S. Did you know that all of your points were labeled “1.” ? You know lots of words, but you need to study your numbers more…

Reese more than 3 years ago

Software glitch

The numbering in Dr. Hunt's essay appears to be a glitch in our content management software, not his numbering. It's being corrected.

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 3 years ago

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