Will the UMC Say 'I Do' to All?



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2012 Gen. Conf. & Homosexuality

All that matters is what God has taught us about homosexuality. It's referred to several times in God's Word and in no case is it discussed in complimentary terms. In fact, the contrary is true. God loves all people, regardless of their sin, and all are welcome to accept Jesus' gift of salvation. Once we do, we become new creations and see all sin, including homosexuality, as sin, which separates us from a full relationship with God. We love those who practice homosexuality, but we hate the sin of the act, just as we do all sinful acts. Those who promote a sinful lifestyle certainly cannot be ministers and leaders in our fellowships - that would be wrong. The current Book of Discipline verbiage is consistent with God's teachings, and must be retained. Thanks to God for our African and Filipino sisters and brothers for supporting God's Word. Many of those in the American delegation of the UMC - including, sadly, many of its leaders - have much to learn from them.

James Smith more than 9 years ago