An Open Letter from Americans of Faith to President Donald Trump



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Sometimes talk is not enough

because we are not an evolved humanity thinking at a higher level; sometimes it requires a very large stick. ISIS ran amuck because Obama refused to stand firm!

Betsy more than 2 years ago

Nuclear War

In the case of North Korea we have exhausted all the diplomatic efforts. Kim Jong Un is determined to build weapons and missiles that can reach the United States. He does not care if sanctions impoverish his people or lead to mass starvation. He wants nukes and is determined to get them. This is a man who killed hos uncle for being too close to China and he killed his brother for some other unknown reason. Kim has built a cult of personality around himself and by belittling him President Trump is hitting him where it hurts. With some more pushing maybe internal pressures will affect regime change. If not then some bombing and shooting might be necessary. We do not need to nuke North Korea. Our conventional capability is extensive. With some secret dealings made with China a war could come to a quick end.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

As usual, weakness and conciliation from NCC

Do you people ever stand up for America? The Rocket Man continues not only strong words but real missile launches and real threats toward us and you want our president to be diplomatic? Diplomacy failed over the last 30 years with North Korea. It did not work at all. Probably you loved Obama who gave them big money, which they used to develop further bombs and missiles. Nope, deplomacy was tried! Now, we have a man's man in the White House who is meeting the tyrant's threats head-on. Try to find enough courage to support his strength!

Reese more than 3 years ago

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