Church Leaders Decry Attacks Against Asians



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Church leaders decry attack against Asians

Maybe I am just fortunate to live in one of the most racially tolerant parts of the country! Our daughter was adopted from Korea years ago and now we also have a beautiful half Asian grandson. My daughter is a teacher and because she is quite the task master, she consistently gets awards and accolades from her school. She is one of the the most racially tolerant persons you will ever want to meet. Because my husband is retired military, we have lived all over this great USA. Our experience of assisting Vietnamese/Cambodian refugees for many years, my teaching English to Muslim pilots, plus my teaching in a Historic Black/Hispanic college setting for thirty years all probably contributed to her being exposed to many races and cultures. We live in the San Antonio area now and thoroughly enjoy the Hispanic culture which is known for its love of family, friends, country and God. We welcome you to move to our loving area, where all races and cultures are given great respect!

CJR 308 days ago