New England Conference Votes 'Non-Conformity' with UMC's LGBTQI Policies



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Christianity and the UMC should reach out and accept all sinners into our congregations in the hope that they will hear and receive God's word. However, the UMC should not accept, normalize or promote any sin. The Bible scriptures are quite clear on the subject of sin. As Jesus said many times (paraphasing), "stop sinning, go forth and live your life according to God's word". Re-writing the Bible scriptures or the UMC's Book of Discipline is an attempt to normalize sin. Would we do it for any other sin? No.

William Dunkin more than 5 years ago


Unless I happen to score big in Powerball or crude oil comes a-bubblin' up from the swamp in my backyard in Southeast Texas like it did in Jed Clampitt's, I simply doubt I will be able to afford to move to New England, or Oregon, or any of these other places where the UMC bodies respect the dignity and worth of their LGBT Brothers and Sisters and all the women there. I'm reading Bill Bishop's "The Big Sort" about how people migrate to find like communities. Unfortunately for the most part all the liberal areas of the country, that have churches to match, are the most expensive places to live in the U.S. as well. At my age and diminishing economic viability such a migration is not likely in the cards. However, I recall the words spoken by Che Guevara when 27 student organizers visited Cuba, defying the embargo by traveling 14,000 miles out of the way through Prague, Czechoslovakia (now in the Czech Republic). Jerry Rubin described the meeting in his book "Do It!" He said after viewing the changes in Cuba since the Revolution of 1958-59, "None of us looked forward to returning to the political b--- s--- in the United States." Che told them, "You know I envy you North Americans. You live in the belly of the beast."

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago