UMC Agency Execs Criticize Trump's Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital

Heads of Missions and Social Action Boards Warn of Decision's Dangers



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Should be no issue here about the capital or embassy

Jerusalem is in Israel and that being declared the capital of Israel should not be an issue for any one country. Jerusalem can be open to anyone of any faith to visit, and for the US to declare our US Embassy location there is up to the US. There should not even be an argument from anyone else on these decisions.
As far who meets with whom, "they" in the middle east (including terrorist factions) are lucky that US officials are even open to meeting with them! Never mind if they dont want to meet with the US, really now, who cares?

DP more than 4 years ago

Did someone miss his speech

What I heard the President say was there were no changes in the existing boundaries, all religions are still accepted in Jerusalem and that much of the Israeli government is already being physically administered from Jerusalem. The Jews recognize Jerusalem as their true capitol, regardless who else recognizes it as such. And now the USA does as well. I believe others will follow. All previous attempts to bring peace have failed. Maybe, just maybe, a new road to peace through Jerusalem is being paved.

Jim more than 4 years ago

Jews Keep Israel Safe for All Faiths

Israel has, and always will, keep Israel and Jerusalem safe for all people and all faiths.

Example par excellence: The Dome of the Rock. Any other people, upon establishing Israel, would have seized the opportunity to take control of that Holy Jewish place - but the Jews did not. Instead, they kept the area safe and all but for the exclusive use of the Muslims. Israel does not even allow Jews to pray on the Mount; can you imagine how much it hurts and costs the Jews to do that?

UMC, keep your minds bent on removing the beam in your own collective eye; extend the love of Christ to the GLBT community in your midst.

Ben more than 4 years ago


I guess these two missed the part where Jesus says, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me." John 14:6

Jeff more than 4 years ago

Jerusalem as a Political Capitol

I guess you maybe should realize that not everyone reads John 14:6 as The Definitive Word on the subject. There is a distinction to be made (the one I'm making now) between an idealistic position: Let's make Jerusalem a World Capitol, a Special City for everyone; and the actual facts on the ground. When Jerusalem was under Muslim control the city's structures were entirely at the mercy of the Muslim worldview; viz Dome of the Rock lies right upon a Jewish sacred site. When East Jerusalem was under Jordanian control, Jewish monuments were not treated with respect. When Christians took Jerusalem the streets ran with blood. Under Israeli control, West and East Jerusalem religious sites have been honored for Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has rights for all religions and a significant presence of all religions who do not dread persecution for either what religion they are born into, what sex they are born or what sexual identity they pursue. Trump's action has been unwise and precipitate, but it is partially the result of the injustice of not recognizing Israel as the poly-ethnic democratic state it is. It is a case of tolerating the extremist States that kill minorities, persecute women for wearing pants, and keep Heresy laws on the books because no one wants to deal with them, and excoriating the State of Israel for not being more perfect.

Robert OMatic more than 4 years ago