Who Is at Fault for #UMC Trials



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I don't disagree with the sentiments

But it seems to me the title is misleading. I am not hearing a wimpy plea from the forces of inclusion to be able to have our cake and eat it too. Perhaps the author has access to other information which I do not have, but it seems to me every pastor who decides to defy the unjust and immoral provisions of UMC policy which stigmatize LGBT Brothers and Sisters for the purpose of appeasing the religious right forces within the UMC is never unprepared to face a church trial and does not welcome the same to show the world the extent to which extremist, irrational forces are prepared to go to justify their prejudices. Like the founders of the U.S. stated in the Declaration of Independence, they pledge their "lives, fortune, and sacred honor" in these acts of defiance toward the forces of repression. Of course they do not like church trials nor being a victim of such ridiculous jurisprudence, but to a man and woman I believe they are all prepared to face it if required. Such however does not mean jurisdictions which fail to indict should all of a sudden reverse course. There are many ways to fight the forces of medevialism and defiance at trial and procedurally avoiding trials are but two of them. Let's not paint with a broad brush, Brother.

George Nixon Shuler more than 6 years ago

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