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Why Scare the Children? Fifty Years Of Failed Apocalyptic Forecasts!

Fifty Years Of Failed Apocalyptic Forecasts | Real Climate ...
Twenty years later he wanted to prosecute climate skeptics. 2 Dec 1997, Page 11 – The Age at Newspapers.com. And 50 years after his first failed predictions of doom, he is still at it. Biologist Paul Ehrlich gives dire prediction for global civilization. The global cooling scare …

The above shows actual newspaper reports predicting the end of life on our planet. My personal experience includes Plymouth Rock and Galveston Beach. I’ve visited Plymouth Rock many times over 45 years – my wife is from that area and we often eat just down the street. This year, I asked the ranger there where the Rock was originally, how far out in the harbor. He pointed to the “1620” chiseled on the Rock and was quite sure it had not been moved since the Pilgrims landed and why would I ask such a question! I answered, “Well, with all the global warming and rising seas, I figured y’all had to drag it farther in for the tourists.” He said, “We don’t get that much global warming around here.”
In Galveston, near my home, the beach is at the same place its been for my 70+ years. The sea-wall, built after the 1900 flood which killed thousands, is still high and dry. So, my reference points have not changed, but my attitude about instilling fear in naïve children has become bitter. Let the protests for clean air and water begin at the embassies of China, Russia, India and Indonesia – our American pollution cannot compare!

Reese more than 1 year ago

Climate Change

I often wonder if United Methodists spent as much time in evangelism and discipleship as we do in embracing issues like climate change and redefining sin would the denomination be is such sharp decline? If our time is limited as climate change scientists' claim should that not warrant a urgent drive to discipleship resulting in obedience to Christ's commands, particularly the Great Commission? No one can really deny that the climate is changing but we can argue as to how much impact humankind has on this phenomena. We should not wreck our economy over gas emissions. Wrecking our economy means less funds for evangelizing the lost around the world. If time is so short then we certainly need to be evangelizing at an accelerated pace. I can't help but wonder if the climate catastrophe isn't in contrast to Scripture. Scripture tells us these things will happen as the end times progress. Should we not be more concerned with saving souls that changing climate as Christ's return approaches. Are we not misguided in redefining sin rather than stressing repentance and obedience as Christ's return is imminent?

Jeff more than 1 year ago

Climate change

By all means lets further embroil ourselves in another divisive debate. Here are a couple of quotes to help frame this.

“New York City will be underwater and gas will cost $9 per gallon by 2016.” Good Morning America in 2008
“The North Pole will be completely ice free in ten years. “ Al Gore said in 2006.

Overhyping the problems serves only to turn people off when the predictions do not come true. Teenagers are not climate experts and I am puzzled as to why they get to skip school to attend a protest. Seems like leftists teachers are using their students to push an agenda. And where is the CO2 coming from? China and India. Why not take the protests there?

Wake me up when the ocean reaches my doorstep. Until then...meh!

Kevin more than 1 year ago

Granted . . .

The predictions were alarmist and premature. The fact is that ice caps are melting, water levels are rising, climate is changing. Thank God we have more time than we thought. And, if climate change is not caused by human activity, what could possibly be wrong with clean air, clean water, and more trees? Yes, it's remotely possible that human activity has nothing to do with our environmental changes and the potentially catastrophic impact on our planet. But, should we not err on the side of caution and God's good creation?

John Astle (United Methodist Insight) more than 1 year ago