Church Revival in the 21st Century



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Climate Change caused Attendance Decline

I do not understand the authors closing reason for attendance decline. He should explain in depth because his generalized statement is factless...just another observation. We all must be praying for a world wide church revival of the Holy Spirit. Moral decay and untruths prevail today and less we work towards saving souls we all will be left with a much smaller church and fewer souls saved.

Lindsay M. Harrington more than 2 years ago


Revival should not be a result of programs man performs but of moves the Holy Spirit inspires.
This article was truly disheartening. It explains why the Methodist Club is no longer full of believers

Andrea Bonner 256 days ago

Decline and death of church

I agree. The church is in decline because God has been completely left out and His Word perverted for man's purpose.

T.m 251 days ago