May You Fare Well Until 2016 General Conference



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Farewell to GC2012

I know that GC is a political, rather than a religious event, but this one was pretty much the pits. The back-biting, the double-crossing that I personally observed was pretty awful, and as for the name-calling ...

The singing is always great, of course, and there were a couple of exciting and challenging sermons, but the remainder of the services seemed like MTV shows, and I was vastly relieved to get home to a real church where I felt embraced by those around me, and we and the choir sang together and there were no flashing lights, and multiple-screen projections of pictures, some pretty, most sort of like static.

Doubt I'll be there in 2016. 78 is fairly old to put up with that, but we'll see

Anne Ewing more than 9 years ago