A Call for Moral Leadership



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Me Thinks They Doth Protest Too Much…

Oh, the righteous indignation of they who either submit approval, or simply turn a blind eye to the murder of the unborn. They speaketh here with moral authority we mere mortals have not!
These “high priests” seem to not notice and never condemn the wonton murder of hundreds of African Americans by fellow African Americans ( 91% of African Americans are killed by other African Americans, avg)) but one rogue cop killeth one African American wrongly, they commence BLM acceptance to burn and pillage places where African Americans get their food and medicines.
And we laugheth at these pious pontificators who handeth these holy ho-hums frometh their hallowed hierarchy of sanctimonious irrelevance. They who now also find the alphabet soup of sexual morality in total conformity with Scripture of thousands of years.
We who once cometh, now, goeth. We who once giveth, give not. We who once careth, care not. UMC is a joke that will disappear when the last of we boomers who were raised there are gone….

Reese 86 days ago

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