A Response to the Council of Bishops, Bishop McAlilly, and Bishop Wallace-Padgett



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Zachary, we need you, and people like you, to remain in the United Methodist Church to help bring change. I feel that those who are holding on to the bigotry just want us to leave, but we are still here. Please reconsider your decision to leave. And thank you for your words of kindness and reason.

Joe Openshaw more than 8 years ago

Sorry to see you go, but...

I certainly understand. It is quite incongruent that a church body which led movements for inclusion of all races and of women has drawn an arbitrary line here based upon nothing but bigotry and fear, but, such is human nature. As Kris Khristofferson sang in "Jesus Was A Capricorn," "Everybody needs somebody to look down on..."

Alone among the Mainline Denominations, the UMC has for the last few decades devoted much energy to exclusion of LGBT folks. Much of that is due to the satrapy of religious right organizers in our midst who exploit fear for their personal gain. For a church body to devote so much energy toward ostracism of LGBTs but not The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company and Red Lobster is irrational at best.

Thank you for the commentary and I wish you well in your further walk, Mr. Ferguson (Hint: The EpiscopalChurch is in my experience a very loving and inclusive place. Just sayin'.)

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago