A Taxonomy of United Methodist Centrists



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Taxonomy of Centrists

Centralis unitatus
Despises division of any form so will often assume the guise of any other Centralis species. The species hopes and prays for alternatives to separation and, chameleon-like, will change patterns of behavior to encourage and maintain unity.
Centralis practicus-protocolum:
Practicus rationalizes concession as a matter of survival, both financial and spiritual. The species is willing to accept nearly any compromise including separation in the interests of remaining viable.
Centralis prioritus
Although fully cognizant of justice issues, Prioriti are focused on what are believed to be the larger, more pressing issues of those already included under the Discipline, but still not fully liberated from the prejudices of the past. Includes prioritus (anti)sub-species Racist, Sexist, Elitist and Ageist often misconstrued as counter species of the newly classified traditionalist genus of legalizers known as Pharisaicalus.

Andrew Kissell more than 1 year ago