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Not Bishop Lewis's finest hour

Bishop Lewis comes across as very petty in both this response and in his original "open letter". If he disagrees with the WCA, then of course he shouldn't join and the WCA wouldn't want him to join. His attacks on Dr. Greenway's speech focus on trivia yet ignore his main points. Fully half of his "open letter" lambasts Dr. Greenway for an unfortunate Scripturally inaccurate sentence concerning Mark and Barnabus supposedly not being heard from again after separating from Paul and Silas. In unintended irony, immediately after excoriating Dr. Greenway for his poor handling of Scripture, Bishop Lewis does the same thing by misinterpreting the parables of the wheat and the tares and the bad fish (for which Jesus provided the meanings in detail)! Bishop Lewis even taking offense at the WCA's position that those who cannot in good faith uphold the BoD's position on sexual morality should "seek an honorable exit" is just bizarre. Continuing to claim that this statement was in Dr. Greenway's speech when the tape and transcript show otherwise and providing a link stating the "credible witnesses" back up his claim when the link instead is to a separate written WCA statement, well, it's just sad.

Paul W. more than 4 years ago

More misrepresentation than I first realized..

I went back and re-reviewed Dr. Greenway's full transcript and audio and compared it to Bishop Lewis's characterization of Dr. Greenway's comments regarding Barnabus and John Mark. I fully retract my previous statement that Dr. Greenway included "an unfortunate Scripturally inaccurate sentence". No fair-minded reader can view Bishop Lewis's characterization (which was fully half of his original "open letter") as anything other than misrepresentation (whether intentional or unintentional).

Paul W. more than 4 years ago

See above.

I didn't realize these articles were appearing in "Insight" until someone pointed it out to me today. I am sorry you are "just sad" because of the truth I have told and you seem unable to accept. Dr. Greenway didn't question the accuracy of what I had written. I originally wrote this for UMNS and for "Ministry Matters." It was they, not I, who inserted the passage about "credible witnesses" and they did so because they had information from several independent sources that were in agreement with the facts as I had stated them. Folks who know me know who is telling the truth. If I knew what the "W" stands for I would have addressed this to you directly. I don't like dealing with "petty" stuff, as you call it, with anonymity. William B. Lewis

William B. Lewis more than 4 years ago