Buttons, Churches & Rigging the System



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One way to wire the button

I live in Tampa, so took the week off in 2012 to attend the General Conference, and volunteer with the Reconciling Ministries group.

During one of the general sessions a lady was recognized for this being her 10th General Conference as a delegate. I know some other delegates with tenures nearly as long. While I respect this ladies service, think about that for a minute. That basically means that for 44 years, someone else has NOT had an opportunity to serve in that way....FORTY-FOUR years. And the problem is, I'll be she will be a delegate in 2016 also.

It is time, and our church will not be able to adapt to a rapidly changing world until we update the Discipline to place term limits on serving as Annual and General Conference delegates.

BJohnM more than 6 years ago