Live frond on dead fern
A live front springs up from a dead fern. (Photo Credit: © Christy Thomas, January, 2022. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission)

The UMC Must Die To Have Any Hope Of Life

The Thoughtful Pastor




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"those who hijacked the UMC" ... you do realize that the vote at GC2019 in favor of the Traditionalist slate was made possible by the African voters? If you believe that traditionalists have hijacked the church, point the finger at them as well as at the white Evangelicals you despise here at home.
It's worth pointing out that the levers of power, i.e. those in the care of Bishops and the Judicial Council, have been consistently pulled in favor of Liberal directions for decades, despite the clear majority of UMC members preferring traditional ways.

David Kingsworthy 7 days ago

The UMC must die?

No. That is akin to a child kicking a sandcastle to pieces merely b/c everyone else will not do as they are demanded. If in the midst of frustration one would be not destructive but constructive, then there is a much more better way. Pass the Protocol. Pass the Protocol as written. Pass the Protocol as written ... w/ no settling of grudges, payback, etc. Just pass the Protocol as written. Pass the Protocol as written first thing into GC with no provision permitted for GC to subsequently modify or cancel the Protocol. That will protect the decision from any subsequent efforts to rewrite the record to better satisfy one side or the other. That will allow those who wish to separate and then join together as they will to follow Jesus. The post-separation UMC to proceed as those who remain to join together as they will to follow Jesus.

bthomas 10 days ago

Die not Murder

Please reread the article. Rev. Thomas, the way I read it, was not speaking of violently ending the UMC (“kicking sand castles”). She was saying that the institution is on life support and that it may be time to have Hospice enter the scene to provide palliative care for however long it takes for the inevitable time for death to come. Only after it dies can it become something even more special than it was before.
Her comments are full of tenderness mixed with frustration. Like her, I am done with church as it has become-an institution in self-preservation mode, killing its own prophets.

Dale Hotelling 7 days ago

caterpillars to butterflies

Am you crazy to want these things? YES!
Are you idealistic? YES!
Are you alone? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
We hurt because we care, we care because we are loved and get to love every one of our fellow astronauts on Spacship Earth.
Is it easy? NO!
Is it worthwhile YES!
Do we travel this journey alone? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
As Thomas Paine said;; "What we achieve too easily, we esteem too lightly, it is dearness only that gives value"
We are Easter people, we celebrate the triumph over death. L'chaim, Shalom

w.f. meiklejohn 11 days ago