Conferences Need to Have Final Say on Gay Issues



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Bishop Lewis has correctly descrbed how Methodists got into this mess.

Had the Judical Council ruled to refer the gay issue to Annual Conferences as the proper venue this issue would not have consumed the past 44 years to the point of schism. It is probably too late for a judicial reversal of that ruling. If General Conference does nothing the de facto outcome will be that Annual Conferences will make their own decisions as to how they will comply or not comply with the present policy...or future attempts to enforce uniformity. This who want the status quo will not achieve uniformity and tightening the rules will only invite new resistance to them. Going farther down that road leads to legal quagmires. All or nothing solutions are not realistic. Time to grow up and stop pretending that all the toys in the toybox can belong to just one side or the other. Compromise is the adult way to a peacable solution

Sarah Flynn more than 4 years ago

Out to Please God

We as Methodists are out to please God. Things go so much better when we work together to do that. It is so easy to try and please the world, but the Bible teaches us there is a "more excellent" way.

There can only be one set of doctrine for a church. Otherwise it pulls apart. People need to choose a church in which they agree with the doctrine. Methodists have always been a moral people, so this is no change.

It is obvious that the majority favors Biblical morality. Jesus did not say "choose your morality." He said "Follow Me." By that He meant for us to do as He did and live as He did. Jesus Christ followed all of God's rules, so that's the example to follow - Jesus!

Skipper Anding more than 4 years ago

It appears you are the one...

It appears you are the one who has picked and chosen your particular "Biblical" morality in order to confirm your prejudices and justify your arrogance. You are not unlike the Knight Templar in Sir Walter Scott's "Ivanhoe," who upon hearing that their host Cedric the Saxon had received a request for shelter for the night from Isaac of York, merchant Jew. The Templar remarked to his host, "An unbelieving Jew! Will you admit him in our presence?" Cedric replied, "My hospitality is not bound by your dislikes." Neither is Christ's.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago