From This Angle: The Future of The United Methodist Church



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The culture wars strike home

It has been recognized for years that mainstream churches here were in decline for no other reason than the birthrates of their memberships were below replacement levels and immigrants to the US tend not to be of these faiths. In addition, there is rising secularism with about a quarter of the US population living their lives as atheists with absolutely no form of religious participation regardless of any professed beliefs.

Yet another problem are the culture wars that divide the country along Civil War era and urban vs. rural lines. This has been described for churches as being either a church of faith or a church of obedience. Conservatives have taken some delight in the decline of the liberal membership, but there is a time bomb within the UMC. If you think conservative white southerners are going to be happy remaining in a denomination led by black Africans, you better think again. We have already seen seen the racial opposition spew out with a non-white in the White House. Perhaps it is time to allow the UMC to divide as it did over slavery in the past. [Inappropriate comment removed by editor].

David more than 5 years ago

The Future Belongs to Those Who Obey

"As God was in the Destruction of Jerusalem" ... the United Methodist Church will get what it deserves if it does not turn back to God on morality. Allowing minister and members to practice sexual perversion without penalty is unthinkable for followers of a Holy God. The future belongs to those who are obedient servants of God. Those who "just listen" and do not obey are truly on their own. I hope, pray and expect to get some relief from the General Conference 2016.

Skipper Anding more than 5 years ago

Your use of that term, "sexual perversion" offensive, ignorant, and hateful. To the Bronze Age tribes taboos were not conceived rationally. Your cheeseburger (mixing of meat and dairy products) is just as perverse as any minority sexual orientation according to Leviticus.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago

God's Norms and Family Structure

Thank you for your comment. God has outlined His family structure and norms very clearly in the Bible. I'm sure you have read Romans 1:26 "God let them follow their own evil desires" and did shameful things. Rev. John Stott said "We need to be in harmony with God's Plan of Created Order: "There can be no liberation from God's norms; True liberation is found only in accepting them." Won't you consider the "true liberation" that comes from repentance and turning back to God?

Skipper Anding more than 5 years ago

One thing else

"Church Growth Consultants" AKA snake oil salesmen, provide us with nothing of worth and merely line their own pockets with their fake piety. Best to stay away from those grifters! If our numbers decline, that's no big deal. In the 19th Century, church membership was a requirement to be respected in one's community. Now, it's just as irrelevant as whether one likes progressive jazz, quilting, or skeet shooting - those things are regarded as harmless quirks at worst, though given the antics of our religious extremists, that could change quickly. Of course the old in-need-of-a-coat-of-paint UMC church does not have what The Church of What's Happening Now has because we're not selling the fake religion that they are. We're doing just fine, thank you. .

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago