Good News Responds to Frank's Letter

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As usual, the UMC Religious Right Caucus gets it wrong

The sneering judgmentalism of this collective extremist caucus is as usual a sardonic assertion of power and an unwillingness to be open to the humanity of our LGBT brothers and sisters. This from a group which advocates discredited and unethical "Homo No More" therapies be imposed on LGBT United Methodists, perhaps even augmented by dramatic gestures usually found in far from the mainstream sects. Their willingness to bully others while being funded by shadowy billionaires seems to never vary. .

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago

Dr Thomas Frank

Yes, "Good News" people, what affects one of us affects us all. You know, of course, that some countries
are making laws about killing both LGBT people and anyone who supports or shelters them? Our UMC
rules against a constant minority of God's sons and daughters does nothing to shame those countries.
And sadly, our 'rules' were based on faulty reading/interpretation of scripture. God DID NOT destroy the
people of Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality, but because of inhospitality (read it two chapters before the 'burning' incident. If there had been any sexual contact, it would have been drunken
gang-rape.....not anything to do with one man loving another man....not homosexuality.
Several verses condemn men abusing boys for sexual pleasure, and condemn using human sexual acts
during fertility rites to increase productivity in their herds and crops. Those rites were not about one man
loving another man or one woman loving another woman. Stop twisting scripture to justify your own fear
of the "other" and bigotry.
The BoD has been wrong before....during slavery, banning women from answering a call to ministry, being against inter-racial marriage and letting different racial groups worship together.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 8 years ago