Has Inerrancy Become More Important than Orthodoxy?



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To ignore violence the Bible

Is to discard the concept of God's judgment. However, as New Testament people, we do not stone somebody for their sin because Jesus paid for our sins with his violent death on the cross.

betsy more than 3 years ago

Inerrancy is not concerned with the

Completeness of the Bible, but rather that the bible is true and without error. The man's problem with the Trinity is his difficulty of accepting right Christian belief (orthodoxy) as established by the early church leaders.

To deny "violent pictures of God" is not reality. God destroys many many evil people in the Bible. To throw out the parts of the Bible you do not like can bring one much trouble. God is holy and stores His wheat in His barn, while destroying the weeds with fire.

Skipper more than 3 years ago


The only time united is important is in our beliefs. If anyone wants to be united in all beliefs, the Univeralist Unitarians welcome all.

Carl more than 3 years ago

Holy Spirit

I don't know who your third presenter was but he is mistaken. The Holy Spirit is covered in depth in the scriptures. Just read the book of John, or the great commission in Matthew, or perhaps almost any of Pauls letters. Of course the Holy Spirit is a late comer to the bible, he doesn't show up until Genesis 1:2. Has the presenter ever actually read the Bible or does he just have a modern seminary education.

Scott more than 3 years ago

Inerrancy, orthodoxy, etc....

It's all just political correctness, that's all it ever was and all it ever will be.

As John Shelby Spong writes, "Creeds don't unite, they divide."

George Nixon Shuler more than 3 years ago