How the Rules May Affect the 2019 General Conference



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same actions, same results

It is a shame that Rev. Peck has such a low opinion of many of the GC delegates. I believe that GCGC has done a disservice to the delegates and the denomination in the past by trying to substitute their leaders' preferences for the delegates' beliefs. The COWF and the COB are making the same mistake now. "Local option" (even if you call it "one-church") is simply unacceptable to a wide majority of delegates. It is incompatible with a connectional polity. Of course, forcing the rest of us to pay for the salaries and expenses of an episcopal office occupied by someone publicly in violation of our ordination standards is incompatible with a connectional polity. It is unsustainable. Since a majority of the COWF and COB seem intent on abdicating their responsibilities to responsibly lead, then perhaps some version of Chris Ritter's "autonomous central conference" proposal would be adopted. That would allow us to stay together under an UMC umbrella, allow those who fervently disagree with our current ordination standards to do their ministry while not forcing the majority to support and subsidize their current disobedience.

CREED S POGUE more than 3 years ago

GC Rules

If progressives see that they will not get what they want maybe they will try and run out the clock with an endless series of points of order or clarification and on and on. Then we will be right back where we were. And the fun will continue.

Kevin more than 3 years ago

GC rules

If so, they will be using the playbook created by evangelicals in 2012 and perfected in 2016

John more than 3 years ago

This is fun?

So it's the progressives who are causing the problems, not the conservatives? Or is it perhaps the progressives *and* the conservatives, like what's going on in our government right now as well as throughout our entire country? How is the UMC any different from any of these other organizations where people just bicker back and forth, point fingers at each other, dig in and refuse to budge? How is that "Kingdom living"? I mean, all can't even agree to disagree. That should be the first step in the whole process, but you can't even manage to do that.

MMDD more than 3 years ago