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Layman Disputes WCA Leader's Claim of LGBTQ Inclusion



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Being Affirming

Christianity is not an affirming religion. It is a religion that causes one to change our sinful lives to one that conforms with the teachings of God, through the words of Jesus and his hand picked apostles. The teachings of modern rationalists are no substitute for those of Christ and his apostles. However all people regardless of who they are, what they believe, or what they have done are welcome in all of our churches. This is the policy of the UMC and the WCA. Of course if you are living a sinful life, whatever the sin is, we hope that you will change your ways and give up your sin. If you want a church that affirms everything, go to a Universalist Church. They believe everything is ok, of course they won't lead you to heaven, but to do that you have to change your life. Sorry.

Scott more than 2 years ago

WCA needs to compile a list of sins

Homosexuality has been elevated above all other sins in the eyes of the WCA. They ought to go through the Bible, decide which sins are 'relevant' today and which are not. I've noticed that a number of the conservative leaders are clean shaven, in opposition to Leviticus 19:27. What else are they doing, in direct opposition to God? [I don't subscribe to the literalist view, but neither do I subscribe to hypocrisy.]

JR more than 2 years ago

Not so forgiving

Back at GC 1872, the ME Church, passed rules against amusements. These included going to any kind of theatrical performance, the circus. dancing, cards and games of chance, gambling, and attending horse races even if not gambling. Under these strictures, a pastor or class leader would privately reprove the offender, who would be subject to trial if continuing in the offense. These quaint rules were revised in 1924 as they made the church look foolish in the public eye, but expulsion of offenders was still an option. The enforcement of church discipline is less strict today, but that could change. The current opposition could find themselves in difficulty as easily had they been caught doing the "bunny hug" or "shimmy" in earlier days.

David more than 2 years ago

If you are comfortable with your perceptions

of who you believe you are and you truly believe God is fine with your perception, then by all means do not expect a church grounded in historical Christianity to necessarily agree with you. You will most definitely be better off in a different church that has a completely different understanding of Christianity. When it comes to understanding God and ourselves, we do not all have to think and believe alike but those differences do require completely different churches.

betsy more than 2 years ago

And that is your view of the church and Christianity

The WCA has a completely different understanding and it includes all are welcome but there is a requirement for all to walk away from our broken perceptions of who we believe we are. And 2000 years of Christianity does not allow us to believe that people who engage in same gender sex or who believe that they can choose their gender are not in need of salvation from their own broken perceptions and inclinations every bit as much as a kleptomaniac or a serial murderer. It all goes back to whether or not you believe that even though God created the world and everything in it and called it good, humanity continually rebels and tries to take control of the situation. So yes, LGBTQ persons are welcome because they are of sacred worth because through Christ, God can heal everybody's brokenness and transform them into the truly human persons he created all of us to be. And although we strongly believe this, we recognize that there are others who disagree with us and we respect their right to do so because our understanding is that Jesus never forced anybody to do anything; he simply offered an invitation to a better life.

And by the way, I do not see the Anglican Church of North America on the list, neither were the Assemblies of God or the Wesleyan Church--all who stick with an historic understanding of sexuality and marriage and they are growing even as Mainline Protestant Christianity continues to crumble. And then there are the non-denominational churches which also maintain traditional beliefs and are doing just fine.

betsy more than 2 years ago

A very short list

Lots of other groups missing... other Wesleyan groups include Nazarenes, Free Methodists, Salvation Army, AME, AMEZ, CME; Reformed/Presbyterians such as Christian Reformed Church, Reformed Church in America, Presbyterian Church in America, Orthodox Presbyterian Church; Lutherans like LCMS, WELS. And the list just continues from there.

John more than 2 years ago


So now you are lumping in homosexuality etc in with kleptomania and serial murder?

Why not just go all the way old testament and find a bucket of rocks to work with?

JR more than 2 years ago

The 2000 years

I sometimes wonder what is so compelling about the past 2000 years in connection with church teaching on homosexuality. The teachers, clergy, and laypeople over these centuries have not necessarily had opportunity to see many models of lifelong, monogamous same-sex relationships or discipleship practiced by queer men and women. In this era more are starting to see the normality of such persons and relationship, that they are often marked by the same fruitfulness and, yes, flaws, as heterosexual Christians living out their family lives. It isn't clear that the Apostle Paul had that frame of reference either when he wrote passages expressing disdain for shocking forms of homosexual practices. I am careful not to discount the gravity of more conservative Followers who interpret Paul's words in Romans and I Corinthians as very much addressed to scenarios like today's same-sex marriages. Yet there are Scriptural grounds for exhorting each other to be disciples who welcome strangers and the marginalized and despairing; who fight for God's justice and mercy and extravagant love to be made more and more manifest in our communities and culture. In the Law, Prophets, Gospels, and Epistles it seems as if these themes constitute the Kingdom's ultimate purposes while teachings on cleanness and sexual norms reflect much of the local, contemporary settings. It is for reasons like these that many of Christ's straight followers take joy in seeing evidence that his remarkable purposes can be worked out in queer people's households and under their pastoral leadership.

Matthew more than 2 years ago

Decision was made

The liberal bias of the several so called leaders of the Methodist is growing weary. Decision was made at the general conference and will be reaffirmed in 2020. It would be more beneficial to all parties to split and concentrate on ministry. This continued fighting is accomplishing nothing and is harmful to all sides. Why resist a split? It is beyond me why some say we need to stay together.

Tracy more than 2 years ago


Are you sure that a church can't have some type of blessing ceremony? We don't really discuss it, but I see nothing that would prohibit if the local pastor wanted to do it. We support the legal rights associated with marriage being extended to all.

Reverend Boyette seems to be correct to me.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago