Insanity or Integrity? On Closing the Floor at #GC2016



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Closing GC2016

As a person in the pew, I'm all for closing GC2016. If you think that is non-Wesleyan, then you do not know our history; early Methodism under Wesley was most certainly NOT a democracy. For me, it is about trust in the Holy Spirit being at work in the process from the election of the delegates to them gathering and making decisions.

Orter T. more than 7 years ago

no justice no peace

We can't punish our way to peace in the United Methodist Church. There is no wall high enough to keep out equal rights for all regardless of sexual orientation.

Jeff more than 7 years ago


Jeff, I do not suggest any punishments here, just something that all healthy organisms have in common: functional boundaries.

Drew McIntyre more than 7 years ago

banning protests makes it worse

I appreciate your position, Drew. I meant that folks who want to eliminate protests may also want to pass even stricter legislation against lgbt Christians. Making the rules stricter will not eliminate the movement for equality. I would suggest that our organism is not healthy if the only way to achieve equality is through civil disobedience.

Jeff more than 7 years ago

I'm not so sure

While the writer does not reveal his ideological basis, my fist thought is I wonder what he fears? Democracy, perhaps? Policymaking can never occur in a vacuum. The sentiments seem to strike me much the same as Richard Nixon's 1968 campaign spot which lauded the "Silent Majority" who "don't demonstrate." While at face value it appeared to be a reasoned plea for calm, we all know who they were talking about. I'm not saying I'm opposed to the idea in principle. But I'm wondering, if such a rule was instituted, what additional rule could also be included to make it fair? Perhaps a ban on the presence of hate groups in the building and the blockage of cell phone calls and texts from the numbers from which they organize? Food for thought.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago

Not Fear but Love

George, No fears here, but I think that insinuation borders on ad hominem. If you notice, I nowhere suggest only banning certain caucuses or protesters from the floor - I want them all gone; like congress, I think only the people sent by their people for the purpose of representing them should be on the floor, besides essential personnel. I have written regularly as a critic of all the caucuses; I dislike their presence as a whole, regardless of which ideological agenda they serve. I believe that is quite fair. I'm not sure what "hate groups" come to GC but I would want them banned. Others have expressed concerns about limiting back-room deals and the like, which you hint at, but this strikes me as considerably more difficult to do. If you'd like to contact the NSA about ascertaining and then blocking cell phones, please be my guest. Ultimately, this is not about fear of anyone, but love for the church and concern for GC being able to do the work it's been uniquely called and equipped to do.

Drew McIntyre more than 7 years ago

Closing General Conference

Define "hate groups", George

David more than 7 years ago

Hate groups

Anyone who disagrees with
George= hate group

Ray more than 7 years ago

Closing General Conference

As a delegate to the 2008 and 2012 General Conferences, I totally support closing the floor of General Conference to all but voting delegates. It is almost impossible to conduct the business of the church in an orderly, reasonable, and sane manner with the demonstrators and demonstrations dominating the proceedings. This lawless, rude, and threatening behavior must stop before it results in violence. There is nothing to prevent counter demonstrations, and if you allow demonstrations and protests, then in all fairness you must allow the other side to demonstrate. The present chaos will mushroom if not stopped. These protest are nothing short to bullying by the Love Prevails group to undo the will of the Church, the will of the majority, and the will of God. It is shameful that the bishops who preside during the sessions lack the will or the integrity to enforce proper procedure. Shame on them.

Mike Childs more than 7 years ago

Closing Genral Conference Floor

As a first time delegate to the 2012 conference I was aghast at the way the floor and proceeding were appropriated by LGBT group and its supporters. I fully support the closing of the floor of the General Conference to all but voting delegates. I think all that is the devil's way of diverting us from what we are called to do - being disciples and making disciples for Jesus Christ.

Gene D Mims more than 7 years ago