Is Separating the Gospel from Social Justice a Sign of White Privilege?



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Methodism transforms the world

One person at a time by connecting them to God and then to each other in a life changing relationship that requires us to view each other with love and humility while joining in the joint work of social holiness which is encouraging each other to allow God to transform us into the truly human persons God intends us to be. Whatever social justice initiatives John Wesley undertook he never ever wandered away from his Priority #1: creating a space where God could transform individuals. The current social justice attempts are aimed at legislative fixes which, as Philip Yancy points out in his book "What's So Amazing About Grace" only demands outward behavioral transformation. Yancy goes on to say, only the grace of God can fix/transform our hearts and change how we view each other. And John Wesley was all about transformation of the heart. Furthermore, he never approached the poor with a social justice initiative, he approached them with a message about God's love for each and every one of us a love we all need because each and every one of us is a fallen, broken, imperfect person. And that is the perspective we all need to start approaching racism from. This is an "us" problem.

betsy more than 1 year ago

transformation of lives

Thank you, Betsy. I have always advocated for the saving of souls first and then letting those transformed people start tackling social justice issues. The US UMC seems to have gotten the cart before the horse. Our brothers and sisters in Africa seem to understand this concept. When was the last time you heard an altar call or a charge to evangelize in a US UMC Church? I heard one in a Black Baptist Church a few months ago!

C J Rose more than 1 year ago