Cokesbury to Remove John MacArthur Books after Remarks on Women, Race, and Intersectionality



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Other authors?

But I notice that Cokesbury still offers plenty of Rob Bell books and videos. When will they remove Bell and other authors who are so far to the other end of the spectrum (far left) that they are difficult to recognize as "Christian?"

Reed Siebenthal 254 days ago

Book Removal

Cokesbury has always been a place I can find good serious books on Christianity, including theology and church history. I understand removing books if an author is rejecting orthodoxy and promoting heresy. However John McArthur is not doing that. He is espousing teachings with which I strongly disagree, but he is still my brother in Christ and it disturbs and saddens me to see this drastic a step taken. If all the authors with whom I had a disagreement were pulled from the shelves, the shelves would probably be almost empty. As Christians we don't always see eye to eye on everything.. As Beth Moore herself said, "Let's move on."

Ric 254 days ago

It never bodes well for Methodism

When it becomes known for a set of social principles rather than its robust, rich, grace-filled Wesleyan theology.

betsy 254 days ago


Congratulations. You have achieved a form of erasure of a person who you disagree with. It’s a real achievement, assuming you have a fascist outlook.

RJ 254 days ago

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