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A sad day for the UMC

When clergy that simply want to uphold the promises they made when they became ordained elders in full connection are critiqued and criticized in such a way! David Watson got it right in this article posted on United Methodist Reporter:

"The Wesleyan Covenant Association has become a source of controversy among some in our denomination. Only in times such as these could a group that affirms all of the central teachings of United Methodism, is led primarily by pastors who have kept their ordination vows and pay their apportionments, and has publicly disavowed the intention to divide The United Methodist Church be accused of attempting to foment such a division. Then again, we UM’s live in a time of broken trust, broken covenants, and a broken system of church governance. Charitable readings of one another’s intentions are in short supply."

I find it very interesting that the progressives claim the movement of the Holy Spirit in their actions, but all you have when it comes to the actions of those who disagree with you is ridicule and finger pointing. Well, remember that when you point a finger at the WCA three fingers are pointing right back at the progressives who created this mess because you want everybody else to abandon their consciences so that you can live with yours! Conservative/traditional/evangelicals/orthodox are not the enemy; we simply have a different viewpoint. And since that viewpoint is so detrimental to your conscience please feel free to go elsewhere!

Betsy more than 5 years ago