Romans 1 Isn't Anti-Gay. It's Just Plagiarized That Way



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Of all the clobber passages.... use Jack Spong's characterization of six or seven verses used to justify heterosexism, it's the that is least able to be applied logically. The entirety of the verse is a litany of common sins, the individual ones enumerated are merely supporting clauses. Paul wrote of salvation, and how all have sinned. In the entire series there are no acts which anyone has not committed more than once. While many argue the Greek "arsinkotes" translates to "homosexuals" that's rather like calling a Dodge Ram a chariot. The substitution there has some logical application, but this has less. The real arsinikotes were transvestite prostitutes/priestesses in pagan temples, not Sarah and Jane down the block.

George Nixon Shuler more than 6 years ago