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Gamergate and facts

Gamergate is about ethics in games journalism. Prior to its birth and up to this very moment it has never held another goal. Yet every journalist, media personality and moral compass has hopped on the bandwagon and decided Gamergate must be a bunch of jerks because they criticized some women. And since everyone else said that it was true, then surely it must have been! Fact checking? Who needs it?!

But there's no mention of how the women who support Gamergate have been harassed. Check out the Gamergate Harassment blog. Numerous examples but not a word has been said. That doesn't even cover the harassment by men and minorities.

Not more than a week ago, Gamergate was at an event called SPJ Airplay. The purpose was to cover lapses in Gaming Journalism and to let Gamergate actually, for once, have a place to be heard and their issues covered without being called misogynists and haters.

And a bomb threat was called in to disrupt the proceedings.

A dramatic retelling. Left unsaid is that this was the second time it had happened. A previous Gamergate meetup had the same problem.

Callout culture sure is effective.

Kat more than 6 years ago