The 53 Percent Problem in The United Methodist Church



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I agree the questions appear to be poorly worded

If I had been called and asked "We affirm God's grace...." I would not know how to answer. Do I believe that is and should be a part of the United Methodist Church betcha. So if I took the question that way, my answer would certainly be yes. But I could also interpret the question as, "Does the Methodist Church actually affirm God's grace is available to all and that we Methodists seek to live together in Christian Community?" It's hard to make my interpretation clear, but if the question is related to actions rather than doctrine...I'd have to answer this question with a resounding, "No." So, perhaps that also accounts for some of the low percentage. And as a side note, it saddens me greatly that, after 56 years as a Methodist, I have reached that conclusion.

John Masters more than 6 years ago