Three Takeaways from the Wesleyan Covenant Association Founding Document



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Throw a rock in a pond and watch the ripples...

After so many weeks since this, your post, have you noticed that your "rock" (above) created essentially no ripples? And two were my contrarian posts! What does this tell you? Almost nobody cares? Almost nobody reads these posts? Or, almost nobody questions where this is going and has already made up their mind? Too bad the bishops have devised a plan to make peeling off this band-aid a two year ordeal, isn't it?

Reese more than 3 years ago

Why focus on symptoms, focus on the problem. Split!

Well, Rev Smith, nobody can fool you! You have it all figured out! Got those dates and datas down, don’t you? May I remind you that members have been finding exits to the UMC since the UMC became the UMC? An estimate I believe has membership down around 40% since the late 60s – most of my life – at a time when the population of the USA has been mushrooming. Most just left. Perhaps some, like me, have just suspended membership until after the expected split results in a local Methodist Church that we once knew. Because the level of marketing by the WAC rivals the speed of glaciers, it is more likely that most of us will join other churches long before a viable Methodist ALTERNATIVE is available to us.

Whenever the WAC was actually formed or whether “United” was used or other minutia matters not. What matters is that the UMC has been in a death spiral for generations, not caused by a few liberals leaving over their agenda not being fully met, but because many more “traditionalists” have left in disgust because our church, which once had rules to aspire to, to raise children by, became a weak, non-committed house on shifting sands.
So, the WAC is NOT the real culprit, it is just one more symptom of what happens when leadership fails.

Reese more than 3 years ago

WCA, of course, not WAC

Maybe the Wesleyan Covenant Association, being rather demure, just has not made a deep impression on me... yet...

Reese more than 3 years ago

OMG! I bet the Russians are colluding with the WCA to destabilize the UMC. Can the UMC Judicial Council appoint a special counsel to investigate this?

Dan more than 3 years ago

in dishonesty?

when one operates with dishonesty, how can their view and actions be considered as being worth more than the lies that are evident, as pointed out herein. this is sad. very. very. sad. WCA would seem to lack integrity, among other things. sad. very. very. sad.

G L Dillensnyder more than 3 years ago