Will the #UMC Delegates Save the Bishops from Themselves?



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The Party's Over Let's Call It A Day

PreCovid the UMC only served 0.8% of the US population.

That means each week 99.2% of Americans reject you.

All the bishops in the cosmos can't fix that

Richard Hicks 332 days ago

Reduce the number of Bishops

If the number of Methodists in certain jurisdictions are shrinking best to reduce the number of Bishops and increase the size of the Episcopacies in response while also consolidating the jurisdictions. The reason for this is as simple as it is elegant. There appears to be a growing consensus towards a more regional approach to Methodism driven by the issue of how our LGBTQ members are more fully integrated into the connection. I would like to see everything in the US save for the US SE jurisdiction combined with Western Europe into a single jurisdiction with much larger conferences. This enables like areas of theological belief to support each other while allowing the smaller more conservative congregations to align themselves with the SE Jurisdiction and to bring peace to the connection. Given the advancement of digital campuses people who neither agree nor want to be harassed by more conservative neighbors could join more progressive congregations in communities that are less discriminatory and be fully integrated into the life of the Church. It allows those congregations not open to being fully integrated to go their own way.

Eric Pone 333 days ago

if you can't dazzle with brilliance, then you baffle with ....

We need honesty in the numbers. The assumptions behind the numbers need to be fully explained. At a time where travel is dramatically reduced and a lot of churches made sacrificial efforts, expecting that to be sustainable in the long term is at best foolish or wishful thinking or just a scam.

The Jurisdictional Study Committee has set five as the floor for jurisdictions. There is no rationale presented besides inertia. Currently, the Western Jurisdiction has fewer members than North Georgia as well as Virginia. Two other conferences may have exceeded the WJ membership at the end of 2020. The JSC plan actually reduces the Episcopal Fund apportionment to the WJ by TEN PERCENT. To add insult to injury, the WJ would be asked for LESS than they actually paid toward the Episcopal Fund in 2019! Everyone should be aware that amount does not pay for their five bishops which means the rest of us subsidize a bishop. Not only do they not pay for their own bishops but they make NO contribution toward their connectional obligations toward the retirees (including their own) and the central conference bishops. None of this is sustainable.

There is also the equity and justice question regarding the new bishops for Africa that have been promised. Are they included in the "alternative facts" presented here?

CREED S POGUE 335 days ago