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Would Election by Lottery Help or Hurt UMC General Conference?



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Who's voting?

There is no outcry from the left when representation is skewed to advantage their delegate count at Conference. At present the voice of many is muted while the voice of others is privileged. The basis is a system of representation gamed to give one caucus/political perspective or another more power than is warranted by the numbers of people that support their position. Most simple and fair methodology would be for each Conference to have representation based on the number of members. After all, this would place power not in the hands of the privileged but rather in the control of the people.

bthomas 173 days ago

Term limits instead?

I see some value in what you're proposing, but think maybe it's too complicated, and given that stakes are higher than a student council in a high school, I would propose instead that after someone serves their 4 year(ha!) term they would be ineligible to serve again for either a few cycles(12, 16, 20 years?) or even forever. This allows for the recycling of new people constantly, and makes it easier to manage issues related minority delegates/perspectives. I have voted for a few people with whom I have some disagreement but I recognize they have the innate giftedness to serve well as delegates. Additionally i have not voted for some people I align with theologically that I would never want representing me in a million years(or I recognize they don't work well with others).

Andy B 174 days ago