Learning about Faith from Mexican Immigrants



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Emphasis on Community

Thank you for sharing this vision of how to live. Much truth in that.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 8 years ago

Americans not the savior

I appreciate the author's attempt to understand his friends words and the author's appreciation of the image of Christian life. I also appreciate the author's following his friend's leadership in this issue. However, there are other issues to consider: 1. One person (Hispanic or not) cannot speak for a whole community - nobody can't start to understand where this person is coming from; 2. Times have changed since this exchange happened. 3. Hispanics have been leading the advocacy efforts for their community since the beginning - and other US citizens have joined in; 4. Sin is sin. The sin of greed, oppression and abuse must be denounced, even by the church. Sadly, church members are often the owners of farms and businesses the exploit Hispanic workers; 5. The Scriptures preferential option for the poor does not mean leaving them to be exploited; 6. Advocating for justice does not mean to advocating for wealth.
Yes, the church must follow and join the leaders who are advocating against injustice and oppression - many of these leaders are and have been the Hispanics themselves, who overcome fear to raise their voice.

Nora Colmenares more than 8 years ago