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A Mobile Future

Patrick, There is a team looking at a mobile future. Values education is already happening on the web. The reality is, however, that the values that are being propagated are not from Mainline communions such as the UMC, they are the values of a consumer culture. We at UMCom are very concerned about this and have studies underway about how to extend the presence of the church into the communications environment where perceptions are being formed, values offered and education is taking place. That is the environment in which people are already comfortable, and already active. Our concern is to be present with relevant, useful information, interaction, encounter, interchange that parents, young people, children, adults can use to grow in the faith and develop as people of faith. We invite more conversation about this. I can be reached at umcom.org or InfoServ.

Larry Hollon more than 8 years ago


Larry, glad to hear that there is some future orientated work underway and I'm not surprised that UMCom is engaging in it! I share your concern about the values ed that takes place, and the motivation that drives it in the so-called free market. We need to be engaged wherever transformation is happening, but we also need to rediscover how we can do that work with increased respect for diverse understandings as emerging technologies continues to simultaneously make the world smaller and extend our reach beyond covenants grounded in relationship.

Thanks for reading and again for the good work of UMCom!

Patrick Scriven more than 8 years ago