Homosexuality: Why Perceptions Are Changing



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ALL God's children

Do you still think the verses in Leviticus condemn Homosexuality? Two chapters before the angels visit Lot, God has declared the need to destroy those cities because the people were wealthy but failed to take care of the widows and orphans. Besides, any sex that would have occurred would have been GANG RAPE, Homosexuality is not just a sex act, but includes love between two people of the same gender. Surely you also agree that scripture does not record ALL of the things Jesus said. And Jesus said He was sending Holy Spirit to teach us things He did not have time to teach while among us. Where did anyone ever get the idea that our Creator would create some of us with sexual orientations that He did not like????????
Our denomination, a man-made institution, has been wrong before: in
approving the capture and buying and selling of people, in refusing to
ordain women. Get rid of all the wording that currently limit the full use
of all the gifts of lesbians and gay men. We are, the same as you, the
children of God.....just as we are....just as He created us.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 9 years ago

Is Anti-Homosexuality Essential?

Hmmm... "In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity. There are many doctrines of a less essential nature... In these we may think and let think; we may 'agree to disagree.' These are the fundamental doctrines... summed up, as it were, in two words, -- the new birth, and justification by faith." - John Wesley

jpinsatx more than 9 years ago

Decision of accepting gay marriage

We might as well rewrite the bible and rip out the book of Romans as well as all the other letters of Paul no where does Christ accept this behavior either we are becoming a church of this world I'm afraid

Craig more than 9 years ago

Not outside influence?

I am not convinced that full inclusion of practicing homosexuals is the way to go. This is a tough issue for me as it is for many because in my shpere it has always been something "not to be spoken of" on the fringes. However, in working through this issue, I have come to the realization and acceptance they are God's children and must always be viewed and treated as such. Overall, I feel "caught in the middle" in regards to this issue: I have not been impressed how either side has handled themselves. This leaves me nowhere to go. I do not appreciate that the Discipline currently singles out the parctice of homosexuality as a "cardinal sin" to the exclusion of others. I also question the premise that the push for full inclusion is not of outside secular influence. Below is a quote from a February 18, 2012 New York Times Article:

“The United Methodist Church is a great bellwether of where opinions are going in the general society on the issue of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender inclusion,” said Mr. Miller, who will also lead the Northern California delegation to the conference. “Moving the United Methodist Church step by step, and removing these barriers, is a greater step in making the larger society more inclusive.”

The conference referred to is the upcoming General Conference. This view of the church from a leader bothers me greatly, no matter the issue.

Betsy more than 9 years ago

Acceptance of homosexuality

In the 1950's the first meaningful studies were made by Evelyn Hooker of persons with a homosexual orientation. They showed that homosexuality is not a mental illness. About 20 years later, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its lists of mental illnesses. Ever since, homosexual orientation has been recognized by an increasing percentage of the population as one of three morally neutral, normal, natural, unchosen, and unchangeable sexual orientations. Churches seem to be the last institution to accept this. Increasingly, youths and young adults find their denomination's rejection of persons with a homosexual orientation to be profoundly immoral; they are leaving the Church, perhaps never to return. If this trend is maintained, mainline an conservative Christian churches will evolve into old folks' burial societies. It is time to change..

Bruce Robinson more than 9 years ago

I Seem to Have Given the Wrong Impression

Apparently, I came across here as less conflicted on this issue than I really am. I am basically a conservative Christian, a great admirer of John Wesley and a "Methodist" in that sense. I don't know anything about the tide of history. I understand the traditional Christian rejection of same-gender sex. But, I also cannot deny the genuine faith of my gay & lesbian brothers and sisters in the faith. And, I do not know anything of their experience of life and faith until they are able to talk to me openly — without the fear of rejection. As I experience it, the UMC is so sharply and bitterly polarized that no one is safe.

Craig L. Adams more than 9 years ago

How long must we wait?

Thanks to Craig Adams for this enlightening piece. It is so interesting to get his reply to Reily Case's typical rant. I get so tired of the various "my way or the highway" threats... (If they remove the "incompatible" sentence, I'm out of here.) Meanwhile the UMC appears to be less and less relevant to the modern understandings... (oh, I should have said declining morality, shouldn't I ?) Fortunately the tide of history is against Case and his kind.

Larry in Iowa more than 9 years ago

Homosexuality changing in the Church

I am a former UM pastor who loves the UMC, but had to make the choice to come out and leave the church as a result. Not caught in scandal, but to be honest and make a statement that good pastors, good people can be both gay and Christian. The UMC is changing, be it ever so slowly. Now in the UCC, I am thankful for my new church home, but miss the UMC and hope that one day it, too will stand on what I believe is the right side of this issue.

Former UM pastor more than 9 years ago