The Obvious Truth that Nobody Seems to Know



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Ministry of the laity

The church is the people! Pastors come and go: therefore, the laity need to be equipped to be involved in the every day witness and meeting the needs of the community and the world to have a continuity of ministry.

Ruth A. Daugherty more than 7 years ago


"It is by their fruits that ye shall know them." It would be just fine with a lot of folks to be on the right side of an argument, to be on the right side of the "Law," to have the promise of Heaven because of being right. But we face the final examination, described in Matthew 25:31-46. What did we do for the poor, for the sick, for the lonely, for the prisoner, for the hungry? If being right and set for heaven puts you into the world in some form of caring, great! If you go out there because your friend is doing it and you can't understand why, great! God wants us out there. Thank you for reminding us, Dan. We've been mired too long in legalism as if it were our salvation and what defines us as Christians.

Jerry Eckert more than 7 years ago

Reviving Churches

True. I am a retired UMC pastor. The ministry I was called was to revive churches. Most of the churches I have been appointed were churches that needed to be revived. In 6 months, growth in the church in terms of Sunday Worship attendance, participation of membership in Bible Study groups, prayer groups, organizational activities would have increased. Simple but people love it: doing visitation, attending study groups, going out in the community to share the Gospel, attending District and Conference events. I love the ministry!

Consorcia Sanchez more than 7 years ago