Radical Hospitality in a Small-Town Church



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Ah, Smithville....

Its' plethora of fine old houses made it the filming location that was sine qua non around the time of the sweet middle age romance with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr., "Hope Floats.' I'm from down the road a piece in Gonzales, both of which have become markets for hipsters - what used to be called yuppies - seeking a good real estate deal in an illusion of a simpler place and time. I appreciate the comments. I've often found small town Methodists among the most thoughtful and welcoming, but the action on Sunday Morning's always out on the bypass in a metal building in The Church of What's Happening Now, which claims to believe The Bible is to be taken literally, except of course for [warining: sarcasm ahead] obvious metaphors like "Love thy neighbor." [/sarcasm] There, the success gospel is the law of the land and if you're not rich it's your own dang fault. Hatred of women who have abortions and LGBTs is urged every Sunday from the pulpit, while the greed and complacency of suburban emptiness and white flight from the cities is never mentioned.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago

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