Reflecting on the Social Principles Consultation



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So what?

A view from the pew: How do social principles help individuals understand who God is and who they are? I had to distance myself from all things church to finally acquire that understanding and land in the wide open space of God's amazing grace! The biggest problem with the united Methodist Church is that it has become way too focused on the social aspects of Christianity to the almost complete neglect of the individual. Methodism is not in existence because John Wesley hammered out social principles or chased after perceived social injustices! It is in existence because his primary goal was connecting individuals to God and enabling them to live transformed lives centered in God. Wesley did not "change the world," he enabled God to change communities one person at a time. And as far as alienating the LGBTQ segment--after a lifetime of being a "good Methodist" of more than a few decades, the local church I had supported to the best of my abilities for 20 years did an excellent job of leaving me feel like I had been dropped-kicked to the curb and all I was good for was a head count in the pew and money in the plate.

Orter T. more than 6 years ago