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Why special treatment for sexuality?

The process is working. The angst comes because in regards to the same gender question, there are people who believe the correct decision has been made 11 times in the last 40+ years and there are those that don't. General Conference works fine for every other issue so the problem is not General Conference itself. The problem is a significant minority of radical LGBTQ activists have been allowed to drive the agenda of the church for way too long. All they are doing is pitching a temper tantrum because they are not getting there own way! They are right and everybody else is wrong. I do not fault them for their beliefs, but If they want me to respect their right to their beliefs, then they need to respect my right to mine! But the reality is this radical minority has added a second face to modern fundamentalism: liberal/ progressive! I was taught an understanding of freedom that has served me well over several decades: my freedom ends where the next person's begins and vice versa. This is not how this contingent functions. Their actions and verbiage are not representative of Wesleyan Christianity as I know and understand it. We can thank them that the church is to the breaking point over this issue. They have absolutely no concern for the health and well being of the church; all they want is for the church to endorse their agenda.

Ella Pauline more than 5 years ago