Rising Wealth Inequality and the Fate of Global Methodism



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Are these the right questions?

So 85 humans have robbed, schemed, pillaged, and privileged their way into control of more death than half the people on the globe combined, and the question is about what kind of wealth will be left to fund ministry? Are you kidding me? What about seeking a church in which 'the poor are lifted up" and the super -rich are asked to give everything back? "Will the poor have enough to support ministry?!!" I'm glad those weren't the questions that seemed to be at the front of the mind of Jesus. Incredible.

Rev. Duane Clinker more than 7 years ago


As long as the church and others press for a socialistic society there will continue to be a distinct separation from those who have and those who have not. Capitalism not only provides ample money for the churches and the world, but offers the only opportunity to move upward in society: to get out of the poor and suppressed conditions. The more the church demands equality, the more inequality will grow. That's ironic, but that is what happens and will continue to happen. This church needs to press for improvement of our national education system. The unions are very destructive and the church needs to be fighting that battle instead of some of the battles it is fighting. Our children need to be educated. School choice would help but I know there is some "inequality" in that. I would rather see 75% of the children educated instead of 50% or less. Life is not fair and is not equal. I can find that in scripture over and over. The poor can be fed today and then fed again tomorrow an the day after that. With education they can feed themselves and feed someone else. Regarding the middle class: the Methodist church does not push an agenda to help grow the middle class. The church pushes an agenda that continues to cater to the margins and push more people from the middle to the margins. The Methodist church needs to take a very in-depth look at itself. The church is in an identity crisis. Partly, because it thinks it is part of this world and has failed to realize it is not of this world. The Methodist church agenda is the same as the secular world. The church needs a showering of the Holy Spirit.

Jeffery J. Pruitt more than 7 years ago


Jesus said feed my sheep --- Jesus said clothe those who are naked --- Jesus said for each of us as Christians to take care of those in need. That is what Jesus said.
Not once in my Bible does it say Jesus loves Capitalism

Lynne more than 7 years ago

Of this world?

It is fascinating to read the accusation that the UMC is too much "of this world" from someone who has just completed laying out an agenda that is, itself, completely "of this world". The debate between capitalism and socialism is an argument over which humans should be in control - who "owns" what. The problem with "baptizing" either system (that is, pretending one or the other is "Christian") is that scripture tells us that is a false premise. We don't "own" anything. We don't "control" anything. We don't "earn" or "deserve" anything. Everything we are, everything we have, everything we are, is God's. We are temporary stewards, not ultimate owners. Look at Jesus' parables - Methodism, and the Church in general, is in a crisis because in our rush to be "relevant" we've simply taken sides in the various social and political debates of our time. Your post is evidence of the very problem you claim to critique. You are correct - life is not "fair" or "equal". That is part of the original sin into which we are all born. But we who walk with Christ are called to do our best to be both regardless of what the kingdoms of this world may say.

Todd Scranton more than 7 years ago