Stained-glass Ceilings and Silencing Women



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Women in Ministry

My experience was somewhat more favorable. As a District Supt., I prepared to introduce the first woman pastor to a small SW Okla. UM Church in 1998. Earlier, I called a meeting of the leaders and distributed a one-page paper I had written on Biblical underpinnings of women in ministry. I was informed by a lady member that an elderly lady member "would never attend" if we went forward with the appointment. I responded "We can't afford to let attitudes like that intimidate the church of Jesus Christ!" Several months later, I learned that the negative older member had become "very close friends" with the new lady pastor.

William Moorer more than 9 years ago


What a terrible story. I can't imagine how much pain those feelings caused for you, your congregation, and for Martha. For one, I'm a 40 year old man and I must say I've never given much thought about the difference between men and women pastors. I want a pastor who is passionate about his or her mission, compassionate to the suffering and needs of their congregation, and provides a message grounded in the Scripture. Couldn't care less whether the pastor is wearing pants or a skirt.

Txcon more than 9 years ago